Team Program

Fliptastic! Team Program

Gymnastics Builds More than strong bodies - it builds strong minds and self confidence! 



While our focus at Fliptastic! is to run a team program that is fun, recreational and low pressure, we also offer a competitive program for the more serious gymnast.


Our staff is dedicated to development of all team gymnasts.  Our goals are to enhance the self esteem, pride and discipline of each girl, as well as create a sense of team unity among the levels and within the entire team program.   We focus on self accomplishment through setting goals and skill progression. 


Fliptastic! is a member of USA Gymnastics and participates in competitive Levels 4 through 7 as well as Ohio Prep Optional.  We also participate in the Greater Columbus Gymnastics Conference League.



  • 2004 - Vicki Horton Level 4 Floor
  • 2004 - Taylor Bucholtz Level 5 Floor
  • 2006 - Lauren Kleeman Level 4 Vault
  • 2006 - Sierra Ridenour Level 5 Vault
  • 2007 - Audrey Craddick Level 4 Vault
  • 2007 - Vicki Horton Level 5 Vault
  • 2007 - Meghan Parsley Level 7 Bars
  • 2008 - Jillian Nichols Level 5 Beam
  • 2008 - Vicki Horton Level 6 Beam